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In the interest of safety, if your child is to be absent, please notify the school at your earliest convenience either in writing for known absences or by phoning the school before 8.45am on the day of absence.

All absences are recorded. Where students have not arrived at school, or their absence is unexplained the school will endeavour to phone parents to confirm the whereabouts of students.

If child arrive after class has commenced, we ask that they check in at the school office upon arrival.
Accidents and Sickness

Every endeavour is made to ensure that the school is a safe environment however, accidents do occur.

When a child is injured or feels sick we will inform you. If necessary, we will arrange for the child to be taken to a doctor or dentist at Accident and Emergency.

It is important that the school has current contact details (current telephone numbers for home, work and mobile) for both parents’ and those of a friend or relative for emergencies such as these. Please inform us if any telephone numbers change.


Children need to be at school by 8.30am to prepare for their school day. Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds between arrival and 1.00pm. Students are not permitted to go home for lunch.

Civil Defence

If a disaster strikes during school hours, children will be looked after at school until a parent or another nominated emergency contact adult collects them. If evacuation is necessary, children will be relocated to the nearest civil defence emergency location in Angelic.

Collecting Children

To ensure the safety of children at all times, all adults who are not employed by the school will be required to report to the school office.

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds without an accompanying caregiver between the time of arrival and 1.00pm. Any person, who wishes to collect their child between 8.30am and 1.00pm, must notify the class teacher in advance. The caregiver must record the child’s name and time they leave or return in the Student Register.


We encourage you as parents to share concerns regarding the education or welfare of your child at the earliest possible opportunity. Issues should be discussed in the first instance with the class teacher. Please arrange an appointment so that quality time can be allocated to addressing your concern.

If you wish to discuss the matter further or you have a concern regarding staff members please contact the office to arrange an appointment with the Principal or Deputy Principals.

First Aid

Children who have minor injuries or who are sick are treated in the First Aid Room. If a student is not able to return to class, arrangements are made to have them collected by a caregiver and taken for treatment or home. The school is not equipped to provide supervision for students unable to continue their learning programme.


Please notify the school if your child suffers any medical conditions, allergies or asthma. In an emergency situation caregivers are contacted and if emergency medication is required only the First Aider will administer it.

Staff are not permitted to administer prescribed medication. Students with asthma inhalers are to self-medicate as required. Other students with life threatening or diagnosed medical conditions will have a medication plan with has been drawn up in consultation with the Principal, parents and relevant staff

Personal Property

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own belongings. Please ensure that all clothing and personal property are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Every endeavour is made to return named items that have been misplaced. Unnamed property is available for viewing on the  Room.

We prefer children to keep toys and items of value, not specifically required as part of the school programme, at home. Many items are difficult to name, can be easily lost and a temptation or distraction to others.

Staff members cannot accept responsibility to provide security for students personal items brought to school or for lost items.

Personal Safety

The school places a high priority on student safety and pastoral care. Systems are in place to support students.

During class time students are taught a range of strategies to enable them to take responsibility for their own actions and remain safe at all times through our Health programmes. There is close contact developed between school and caregivers where personal safety issues arise.

Playground Supervision

Careful monitoring of students occurs during class break times. Class Teachers supervise the eating breaks to ensure each child has time to get the nutrition required for their age.

During the play times several teachers are on duty to supervise playground behaviour in the three playground areas of the school, provide a range of sporting, cultural and social activities for students and attend first aid incidents.

Public Health Service

The Public Health Nurse visits the school regularly. This is a free service and parents or teachers may refer a child if a health problem appears to exist. The school also uses outside agencies such as the hearing and vision advisors, psychological service and speech therapist.

Road Safety

The responsibility for getting children safely to and from school is a shared one between home and school.

A school patrol with volunteer adult supervision , control the Pedestrian and Kea crossings. Students are expected to act responsibly and comply with the Road Code and safe practices when coming to and from school.

We request that drivers observe the ‘No Parking’ signs and yellow lines around the school. The Police regularly monitor compliance of this.

Smoke Free Environment

The school operates a smoke free environment. In our endeavours to display healthy role models to students, when you are in the school grounds you are requested to respect this policy.

Student Behaviour

We believe that being part of Angelic Modern School School brings rights and responsibilities. These include the right to feel safe, the right to learn and teach, and the right to be treated with respect and dignity being the most important. In accordance with this philosophy we have a school wide behaviour management plan.

The rules are few in number and are based on safety for children, consideration for others and care of property. All children are expected to observe these rules and they will be reinforced positively by staff. We have a policy of contacting parents in an attempt to improve behaviour so that the approach is consistent at home and school.

Student Responsibilities

Students are given the opportunity to assume responsibilities within the school. These include activities such as librarians, sports monitors, School Leaders, Assembly technicians and Road Patrol.

These roles develop skills and promote leadership skills. All students are recognised and rewarded for their support and assistance they provide for the school.

Student Support

The welfare of your child is extremely important to the staff at Angelic Modern School School. At school we ensure that your child is cared for in a warm and supportive environment. If there are circumstances outside of school, which may affect your child’s behaviour or learning, please contact the school to enable us to give your child the extra support required.

Sun Protection

A sun hat is a compulsory item of uniform and must be worn during activities held outside during Term One and Term Four. Pupils who do not wear a hat outside during breaks will be encouraged to stay in a shaded area. Sun protection is a priority for our students.


Angelic Modern School students have a non-compulsory school uniform available to wear. on a daily basis and as the uniform for representative activities. .A list of the uniform items and prices can be obtained at the office. Most items of the uniform can be purchased at the School Office.