About Us


Angelic Modern School, Khanpur, Jawahar Park, New Delhi – 110062 is a Primary education based school established by the Society of Brijendra Deepti Geeta Education Society (BDGES) in 2002. The School is recognised by the Directorate of Education(under RTE Act) Delhi .

The School Management

Angelic Modern School is run by Brijendra Deepti Geeta Education Society (BDGES), and working in the field of education in south Delhi,

Angelic is a Modern technique based school.

Though Angelic’s, Delhi was started as a residential school in 2002, today it has become a true neighborhood school, educating Many students (boys and girls) from the Pre Nursery to Class 5. All sections having an average number of 20-25 students.

Our Staff:

We have experienced and Qualified staff  .  A true Maternal school!

Introduction of Co-education, the School becoming Socially Inclusive, Change of the Medium of Teaching, Drastic up-gradation of the School’s infrastructure at the beginning of the New Millennium, a modern technology driven school – these are some of the landmarks on the   15 years journey of our school.

Our Vision

There are two types of education- one that teaches you how to make a living and the other that teaches you how to live.”

The agenda of education at Angelic’s is to focus more on formation of the youth rather than just imparting knowledge. In a world that is getting more and more bankrupt on basic human values are trained to become better human beings. The school inculcates the qualities of a passion for excellence, desire for freedom, courage, confidence, spirit of inquisitiveness etc. in its students.

Education at Angelic’s transcends the boundaries of the classrooms. The four walls of the classroom and what happens therein do not define education. The teachers as well as students are infused with a rare passion much like that of our India saint  –  Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Ganghi, Chandra sekher Azad  and Bhagat Singh . Without being overtly spoken about, these great leaders  have found their way into the life blood of every student and teacher alike.

We AIM :

  • to develop in the student an attitude of openness to growth and enable him to begin to take responsibility for his own growth.


  • to prepare the student to be intellectually competent: to promote the development of the intellectual skills, understanding, and mastery of the academic requirements necessary for advanced forms of education and for life.


  • to help the student to become a loving person: to assist him in the establishment of his own identity and in his movement beyond self-contentedness toward more significant relationships with others.


  • to foster in the student a commitment to doing justice: to help him develop as a person for others and to prepare him to take his place as a competent , concerned, and responsible member of society.