Soon your child will begin Preschool – an exciting and new place for both of you.While many parents feel sad/ anxious that their child is growing up and leaving home and going to an unfamiliar environment, Preschool is an opportunity for your child to learn and mature. Start now to work and play with your child to make sure he/she has some preparation for the new environment. Information can help make the move from home to school smoother and more fun.

What does “Parent Involvement” mean?

“Parent Involvement” is “a meaningful, on-going, two-way conversation between parents and schools.

What does this mean to you?

Parent involvement means that you care about your child’s education and find ways to let him/her and the school, know that you care. When families send a positive message to their children about the importance of education, children have more success in school. Research has clearly proven that the students with involved parents are more likely to perform better; adjust well to school, attend school regularly. So talk with your child’s teacher early in the year and often throughout the year. Tell the teacher what you know about your child and ask for more ways to help your child at home. Have good conversations with your child about school. Ask him/her to “tell me something about your day at school.”

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